Glow in the Dark Paint

Glow in the Dark Paint

The Brightest Glow In The Dark Paint

Premium acrylic glow paint for indoor and outdoor use. 

Glow in the dark paint made from premium ultra glow in the dark powders for the most durable and brightest glow applications. Techno Glow paint is available in bright fluorescent and invisible day colors. The paint not only glows in the dark but is also UV blacklight reactive. Acrylic phosphorescent paint suited for all weather conditions to glow for decades. 

Paint on walls, aluminum, canvas, concrete, paper, fabric, rocks, steel, or wood. A fluid ounce of Techno Glow paint covers about 4 square feet of the primed surface. Most applications need 2 to 5 layers of paint for a more solid glow. It is best to apply the paint with a brush or roller. Use water or an extender to thin paint for an easier flow. Not recommended for spray painting. Available in sizes from 1 fluid ounce up to a gallon.

We only sell the highest quality paint at the best price. Shop with confidence with our 90-day return policy and fast USA shipping. Orders ship within 1 business day. Fresh paint made daily. More paint information at the end of this page.

  • pink glow paint pink luminescent paint

    Cotton Candy Glow Paint, Pink UV Reactive


    $9.00 - $320.00
    Cotton candy is a vibrant pink paint that glows a soft pink. This paint was used to create stunning effects at Disney's new theme park "World of Avatar - Pandora". A great color to use for a gender reveal party or any princess birthday. Charge with any...
    $9.00 - $320.00
  • pink gold glow paint pink photoluminescent glow paint

    Pink to Rust Glow and UV Paint


    $9.00 - $320.00
    Pink to Rust Glow in the Dark Paint This unique glow paint has a pink color during the day and a rusty gold glow at night. Pink to Rust will glow for over 6 hours. Ideal for scenarios to see a colorful glow with the flip of a switch or to illuminate a...
    $9.00 - $320.00

Glow Paint Features

  • Multi-Purpose Indoor & Outdoor Acrylic
  • Bright & Durable for 10+ Years
  • UV Black Light Reactive
  • Brush or Roller Applications
  • Not for Spray Guns
  • Visible & Invisible Glow in the Dark Colors
  • Made from Premium Ultra Glow Powder
  • Easy Storage & Cleanup

Glow Paint Applications

  • Create the Brightest Star Mural Ceilings and Walls
  • Paint Washable Glow in the Dark Clothing
  • Acrylic Pouring for Canvas or Art Paintings
  • Theme Parks, Night Clubs or Museum Effects
  • Signage, Greeting Cards and Much More
  • Glow in the Dark Rocks for Landscaping
  • Photoluminescent Paint for Safety Exit Signage

Glow in the Dark Paint Instructions

Apply a primer appropriate to your application. A white primer will reflect light, while a darker color will reduce or absorb the luminosity. A primer is not always needed especially if you apply more than 3 layers. Paint can be thinned with water or an extender if needed. The paint is too thick for the use of a spray gun. Clean spills and spatters, hands and tools with soap and warm water.

As with all phosphorescent paints, it is recommended to apply more than one coat of paint for a more solid brighter glow. We do not see much of an improvement with more than 5 layers. The first couple of layers can be dried faster with a hairdryer or heat gun. Thereafter it is best to let it dry naturally. Keep the paint lid or cap closed at all times. Do not allow the paint to freeze. You can rest assure that the paint will not turn dark or black like so many other expensive glow paints.

How to make your own glow paint?

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