Glow in the Dark Powder

Glow in the Dark Powder

The World's Brightest Glow In The Dark & UV Reactive Powder

Shop the largest selection of premium phosphorescent glow-in-the-dark powder available.

Ultra Glow Powder: Choose from 15 unique colors with the longest and most vivid glow for a medium size particle of around 50 microns. It is made from the highest quality strontium aluminate doped with europium and dysprosium. Popular applications include making glow in the dark paint and resin epoxies.

Standard Glow Powder: A low-cost option that should not be overlooked for quality. The primary colors are available in 35 and 85 microns. Popular applications include glow-in-the-dark nails, fishing jigs, or school projects.

Specialty Glow Powder: Fine, coarse, and rare pigments. Very fine 15-micron pigment for airbrushing. Extra large 100 to 500 microns with up to a 40-hour glow time. Perfect for coating anti-slip floors or finishing glassworks that requires a high-temperature resistance. Also available are rare calcium sulfide, yttrium oxide, and zinc sulfide pigments.

Our Photoluminescent pigments not only glow naturally in the dark but also react to UV black lights. Orders ship within one business day from our warehouse in Texas.

  • Standard
    yellow green fluorescent glow powder green luminosity powder with a yellow day color

    Fluorescent Yellow Green Glow in the Dark & UV Powder <35 Microns


    $4.50 - $125.00
    Vibrant and eye-catching! Fluorescent neon yellow pigment is part of our economical pigment line. Highly visible in daylight, similar to the neon yellow you see on construction safety vests. In the dark it illuminates in yellow-green hues that command a...
    $4.50 - $125.00

How To Use Glow In The Dark Powder?

We want there to be no limits to what you can do with phosphorescent powder. That’s why we offer particle sizes ranging from 15 microns which is fine up to 500 microns in diameter. For the ultimate performance and strength, we recommend the ultra glow series. A quality photoluminescent pigment that is free of formaldehyde and ECO friendly. The standard powder line is anything, but ordinary. Both Ultra and standard pigment consist mostly of europium and dysprosium doped strontium aluminate. These have glow times up to 50 times longer than conventional powder. The specialty glow series contains a variety of rare pigments. Use the product filter to refine your search. Materials are non-toxic, non-radioactive, and contain no phosphorus, lead, or any other hazardous chemicals.

Mix glow pigment with clear or transparent mediums such as resin, epoxy, paint, plastic, glass, ink, nail polish, clay, rubber, cement, silicone, glue, powder coating, spray paint, or road paint. We recommend mix ratios between 15% to 33% powder. One kilogram (2.2 lbs.) of powder is perfect to mix with 1 gallon of clear medium such as wall paint. For resin and epoxy, the 20% ratio works well. The pigment will settle in resin to the bottom leaving you with a nice clear top that can be sanded and buffed to your liking. Most clear resins will not block much of any light. Multiple layers or a higher ratio of powder will result in a brighter and more solid glow. Too low of a ratio of powder can cause an uneven and spotty glow. Use plastic, ceramic, or glass mixing containers and utensils.

Download the safety data sheet for strontium aluminate glow in the dark powder.

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