Techno Glow provides both encapsulated and not-encapsulated glow powders in numerous particle sizes and colors. Encapsulated Glow in the Dark Powders have a protective coating over the powder particle that makes it waterproof, while the non-encapsulated powders do not have the protective coating. The protective coating is of silicon hydride or other similar coating. 

This means that if you mix not-encapsulated glow powder into mediums like acrylic paint, acrylic latex, or many plastic resins and solvent based products you should be fine. The thing you have to pay attention to is if you were to mix the not-encapsulated powder into water or water-color paints (like children use in schools). If the not-encapsulated absorbs too much water then it can damage the powder. Most mediums dries fast enought where this might not be an issue.

Encapsulated powders may emit a slightly lower glow than the non-encapsulated, but it is not a significant issue for most users.

  • Specialty
    finest blue glow powder small invisible blue glow in the dark powder

    Blue Glow in the Dark & UV Powder <15 Microns Finest


    $6.00 - $180.00
    Our blue 15 micron pigment is our finest, blue glow in the dark pigment. The consistency is that of a cake batter or flour. When pinched between your fingers it tends not to free fall like our 50 microns and higher pigments. It's color in daytime is...
    $6.00 - $180.00