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Specialty Glow

Specialty Glow

Specialty glow powder is formulated with a unique purpose in mind. Consisting of fine and course powders or fine sand. Fine pigment is used for airbrushing, but with slightly a less intense glow than premium pigments with larger particle sizes. We also offer ultra and standard glow in the dark powders.

  • Specialty
    finest blue glow powder small invisible blue glow in the dark powder

    Blue Glow in the Dark & UV Powder <15 Microns Finest


    $6.00 - $180.00
    Our blue 15 micron pigment is our finest, blue glow in the dark pigment. The consistency is that of a cake batter or flour. When pinched between your fingers it tends not to free fall like our 50 microns and higher pigments. It's color in daytime is...
    $6.00 - $180.00