Strontium Aluminate

Strontium Aluminate

Strontium aluminate glow powders are doped with europium and dysprosium for the ultimate glow. 

Some green strontium aluminate pigments can glow for up to 40 hours. 

Strontium aluminate powder activated by europium and dysprosium, is a newer material with the highest brightness and significantly longer glow. It is about 10 times better than the mix of zinc sulfide and calcium sulfide. Techno Glow Products offers the brightest glow in the dark powder on the market. 

  • Standard
    yellow green fluorescent glow powder green luminosity powder with a yellow day color

    Fluorescent Yellow Green Glow in the Dark & UV Powder <35 Microns


    $4.50 - $125.00
    Vibrant and eye-catching! Fluorescent neon yellow pigment is part of our economical pigment line. Highly visible in daylight, similar to the neon yellow you see on construction safety vests. In the dark it illuminates in yellow-green hues that command a...
    $4.50 - $125.00