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Ultra Glow

Ultra Glow

Premium Ultra Glow PRO-series is the best you can buy. A multi-purpose powder around 50 microns. The size and performance makes this series the best suitable line of pigments for a variety of applications. The glow is solid and bright, unlike most competitors which quickly fade and appear grainy or splotchy after a summer outdoors. The ultra glow PRO-Series is designed for customers who not only want the best glow, but also demand consistent product quality and on time delivery. We also offer standard and specialty glow pigments.

  • Ultra Glow
    #3 Choice Glow
    blue glow in the dark powder glow in the dark concrete bathroom

    Blue Glow in the Dark Powder, #3 Choice Glow


    $6.00 - $180.00
    Blue Glow in the Dark Powder, Brightest Ultra Glow Whether you’re creating a serene ambient atmosphere for an event or looking for an extra creative flair in a mixed media project, this 50 micron non-encapsulated pigment is tried and true for not...
    $6.00 - $180.00