Why Buy From Us

Professional Quality Products

Our glow in the dark powder and paint is of the highest quality available on the market. We guarantee the longest glow and brightest glow products in each category. We test and compare all our products with competitors worldwide to make sure we only give you the best of the best. Besides, investing in our glow products will illuminate your life for 10-20 years.

Dedicated Customer Service

We are dedicated to provide you with warm mid-western style customer service . Your time and money is valuable and we will do our best to help and support you. See for yourself. Contact us today.

We Service All Industries

Techno Glow supply and service some of the world’s most famous adventure parks and theatrical shows, artists, manufacturers, government agencies and educational organizations. We welcome businesses of all sizes. And most importantly we value every retail customer.

60 Day Return Policy

Every product we sell have been tested thoroughly for quality and performance. As a matter of fact we are so confident that you will love everything we sell that we offer a 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with any of our products, return it to us and we will reimburse you. Returns are calculated based of the original sale price. If you return less powder then purchased, we will only refund the percentage returned. Shipping fee’s are not refundable, unless our shipping carrier or Techno Glow are at fault.

Online Seller Ratings

Techno Glow is known across the internet for outstanding reviews and feedback. Our seller ratings from Amazon, eBay and Etsy at 100% average is outstanding and beat all our competitors. Our customers keep us honest and we love it.


Thousands of customers around the world have expressed their satisfaction with our products and service. Please take a moment to read what our creative customers have to say.


"They shipped so fast... And were so helpful during the purchasing. I would use them again in an instant."

Autumn, Florida


"When compared to similarly priced and far more expensive products, Techno Glow's Ultra Green is the best. We tested and compared multiple phosphorescent powder sources, and this one came out on top."

Mr. H, Los Angeles


"Delivered on time and in great condition. Packaged well enough to survive being thrown into my yard by the crazy mailman and landing in wet leaves."

Megan, Michigan


"Very helpful when I asked for express shipping, I love the quality of the paint. It has a much longer glow time than other brands I tried out."

Emma, Great Britain


"Good quality and value for money. Glad someone in the US finally make glow pigments available at a decent price."

Mitch, Nebraska


"I got this product a few days ahead of the estimated shipping time, and it also had a detailed sheet including safety information. I had used this product for an enameled piece and it still glowed well after being fired in a kiln at 1500 degrees Fahrenheit."

Jose, Philippines


"First, it was delivered three days before it was due. The green glow is BRIGHT ! I thought it was going to be somewhat dim and not last very long, but it lasted throughout the night!"

Jeff, New York


"Yet another 5-Star deal. This is my 5th return purchase without any problems. This pigment mixes into resin like a dream."

Ron, Michigan


"A friend bought this aqua paint pigment for me and I mixed it with clear acrylic paint. It’s the brightest aqua paint I have come up with so far. Very impressed."

Jacob, South Carolina


"Excellent product and customer service as well. They are really professional and their products are awesome. We recommend this shop 100% and we will continue buying from them. If you really want a Hi quality glow in the dark product, look no further because this is it."

Danielle and Carlos, Florida


"The first package has not arrived but seller replaced it really quickly and send it. Package arrived in good condition. And the pigment? Just love it!"

Eliška, Czech Republic


"Seller was very quick to help me out of a jam. Powder is top grade and I will be back!"

Cindy, Virginia


"I am hungry for the next chance to use this excellent product and the rest is up to my own personal exploration. Taking my inspiration to new levels."

Stephen, Oregon 


Protect Our Planet

Our products are non-toxic and environment friendly. We believe everyone should contribute to a clean and safe environment. Techno Glow powder and paint automatically recharge by any source of light for up to 20 years. No electricity, batteries or wiring needed. These products are not food safe and should not be swallowed.