Clear Powder Paint - 2.5 oz. Jar

3.00 Ounces
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Heat and dip clear powder paint for fishing lure and jigs. Can also be used for other metals. Mix with glow in the dark powder of your choice for glowing and UV reactive fishing jigs and lure. PRODUCT DOES NOT GLOW BY ITSELF. Must be mixed with glow powder or another pigment for color.

  • Daytime Color: White to Clear
  • Size: 2.5 oz. Jar


  1. Shake jar to loosen the powder. Place down carefully keeping the powder fluffy. Remove lid.
  2. Rotate the metal object over heat (+/- 500 F) for 5-10 seconds using a heat gun or small torch flame. Avoid creating smoke.
  3. Dip in the powder quickly and watch the powder melt into a glossy paint. Too hot of an object might cause paint to drip.
  4. Rotate and hang to cool.  Remove excess paint. For cracks and chips lightly reheat surface till smooth finish.

Make over 500 3/8 oz. jig heads.

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