Glow in the Dark Paint & UV Laser Lights for Wall Murals

Glow in the Dark Paint & UV Laser Lights for Wall Murals

Not only does our paint glows in the dark, it also creates an luminescent platform for temporary design and light trails. Minutes after you covered most of the glowing surface, you can create new designs by running the uv laser pointer over the painted surface again.
Wall murals are great to keep guests entertained inside or outside the house. Techno Glow paint is durable and stable on most treated surfaces indoors or outdoors of all climates. It will glow repeatedly for a lifetime. Have a black light? Even better. Turn it on and have the wall murals illuminate constantly, even for hours into the dark after you turn it off.  

Techno Glow Paint was used to transform the House of Vans gallery space in London U.K. into a walkthrough light tunnel. Spanning both two and three dimensions, this installation kept its promise to let an audience’s imagination run wild by creating a showacse of glow in the dark murals activated with uv laser pens. Enjoy the video.


Premium Glow Paint Sample Pack

UV Laser Light Pointer

Green Glow in the Dark Paint

Aqua Glow in the Dark Paint

High Power UV Laser Light with Charger & Batteries

LED UV Flood Lights

20th May 2018 Techno Glow Products

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