Glow in the Dark Paint for Rocks

Glow in the Dark Paint for Rocks

Easy Rock Painting With Glow In The Dark Paints!

Glow in the dark rock painting is easy to do and inexpensive compared to other painting projects. We thought it would be fun to show you how easy it can be to paint your own glow in the dark rocks at home or school.

How To Paint Glow in the Dark Rocks?

Finding Rocks

There are a few ways to find the perfect painting rocks. You might be able to pick up some rocks on a neighborhood stroll, but it is not the most ideal way to find a natural canvas. Landscaping supply stores are the best place to go for a variety of rock options! They sell river rocks in bulk, which are the right size and more importantly, very smooth rocks. If you don’t have a landscaping store nearby, any store with a garden center should have what you are looking for. Home Depot, Lowe's, and other bigbox stores all sell river rocks.

Wash and Prepare the Rocks

You want a nice, clean surface before painting. Get out the garden hose or hand wash the rocks in a sink with soap and water. Make sure your rocks are dry before moving on to painting the rocks!

Painting the Rocks

You can paint your rocks any way you want! The easiest option is using a ready-made glow in the dark paint. Techno Glow acrylic paints work wonderfully for any project indoors or outdoors. Every glow color has a different brightness and glow time. Our natural green, aqua, and blue glow colors are best rock paint colors for outdoor use. These colors glow the longest and brightest depending that depends on sunlight only in order to glow in the dark at night. We have over 10 different glow paint colors to choose from. Or grab our 41 piece painting kit that includes 9 paint colors and a brush set. Apply the glow paint using a brush or roller.

Another popular way is to make your own glow in the dark paint by mixing glow powder with a clear medium. Techno Glow offers the largest selection of Eco-friendly pigment for painting. Click here to learn more about making your own glow in the dark or fluorescent paint. We also offer various clear mediums that work well with our photo luminescent, photochromic, and black light reactive pigments.

We love the idea of making someone a beautiful painted glowing rock. Use a paint pen or permanent marker for decorations and secret messages to add a personal touch.

Apply a Clear Sealer or Top Coat

You can seal your glowing rocks to make sure your artwork doesn’t fade over time. Our glow paint will last for many decades outdoors, so sealing your rocks using our paint is optional. There are many sealers available for added protection. We recommend using one that is weather-resistant and non-yellowing. Mod Podge Outdoor sealer or polyurethane is available everywhere and works great. A top coat or sealer will also make your painted rocks look more glossy.

Are you planning a rock painting for kids projects or need materials for a rock painting group? Buy rock painting supplies here to make cool painted rocks for any occasion.

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What To Do With Glow Rocks?

Now that you have painted rocks, what do you do with these glowing stones? They are perfect for displaying on shelves, in your garden to glow at night, use as a doorstop, or as a vase filler. If you run out of space in your own home or yard, check out rocks group at Kindness Rocks Project. The goal is to have people decorate rocks and place them in locations for others to find as a random act of kindness. What a cool idea! These glow rocks are perfect to brighten up someone's day.

Did you know the oldest known rock art dates from the Upper Paleolithic period? That’s roughly 50,000 years ago! These ancient cave paintings and petroglyphs have been found in Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa. Rock painting in caves might be a little outdated today, but the tradition still lives on as a popular hobby.

Rock Painting Ideas

There are many popular ways to paint rocks. Here is a gallery of photos for cool rock painting ideas including the popular dot painting on rocks, fairy door rocks, ladybug rocks, and more. Add photo luminescent rocks to your flower beds or pathway driveway for a glowing night effect.

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