UVLS Clear Top Coat 4050 Color Protection

4.00 Ounces
$6.82 - $12.38
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Createx UVLS Clears Top Coats, designed for interior and exterior use, are water-based protective coatings of architectural quality. These coatings are crafted from a blend of acrylic and aliphatic polyurethane resins, ensuring exceptional durability. Not only do they adhere excellently to various surfaces, but they also maintain their clarity without yellowing over time. Versatile in application, UVLS Clears can be used with a spray gun, airbrush, or a traditional brush on a range of materials, including metal, plastic, wood, fabric, leather, and canvas.

Incorporating Ultra-Violet Light Stabilizer (UVLS) technology, these clear coats provide essential UV protection to preserve the vibrancy of underlying colors. This feature is particularly beneficial as a top protective coating over glow-in-the-dark, fluorescent, and other special effect pigments and paints. Additionally, UVLS Clears meet the ASTM E84 Class A standards for low smoke and flame spread, ensuring safety and quality. Proudly manufactured in the USA, these top coats offer reliable protection and enhancement for various creative projects.

UVLS Clear Gloss stands out with its superior gloss level, offering the most lustrous finish. It also boasts the best adhesion properties, making it an ideal choice both as a primer and a protective top coat. This variant of UVLS Clear is specifically recommended for those seeking a high-gloss finish while ensuring strong and durable surface adherence.

Thin 5% - 10% per volume with 4011 Reducer when applying by spray gun or airbrush. Try UVLS Clears on surfaces where you need the protection and filling qualities of a primer but don't want to conceal the existing finish, such as figured wood.

Important: This product is unsuitable as a UV protective top coat for materials like glow-in-the-dark and fluorescent items needing UV black light to illuminate. When exposed to black light, this top coat displays a dark-colored film, which can obscure the glowing effect. However, it is ideal for use with substances that naturally glow in the dark following exposure to light.

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