Premium Glow in the Dark Paint for Rock Painting

Premium Glow in the Dark Paint for Rock Painting

Easy Rock Painting With Glow Paint!

Painting rocks with glow-in-the-dark paint is a simple and affordable project. It can be a fun and exciting way to express your creativity and add some luminous charm to your home or school. Let us guide you through the process of painting your very own glowing rocks.

How to Paint Glow in the Dark Rocks?

Find and Prepare the Rocks

If you are looking for the perfect rock for glow painting, there are a few ways to go about it. While you can find rocks on a neighborhood stroll, a better option is to visit a landscaping supply store or a garden center at a large hardware store. These places offer a variety of rock options, including river rocks in bulk. These rocks are the ideal size and very smooth, making them a perfect natural canvas.

Before painting your rocks, it is important to wash and prepare them. Use soap and water to clean the rocks, and make sure they are completely dry before moving on to the painting process.

Choosing Glow in the Dark Paint

When it comes to painting the rocks, there are several options. A simple option is to use Techno Glow's ready-made glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint. These paints come in a range of colors and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. For the best results outdoors, choose the natural green, aqua, or blue glow colors, as they glow the longest and brightest.

Making Your Own Glow Paint

You can make your own glow paint by mixing glow-in-the-dark powder with a clear medium such as paint, polyurethane, or a film-forming sealer. We offer a range of eco-friendly pigments and clear mediums for this purpose. Our recommendation is to mix 1 ounce of glow powder with every four fluid ounces of the clear medium. To achieve a solid and streak-free glow effect, it is crucial to apply multiple layers.

Tip: Add a personal touch to your painted rocks with a permanent marker for additional decorations.

Clear Sealer or Top Coat

Using a clear sealer or top coat can indeed add an extra layer of protection and gloss to your painted rocks. Techno Glow's glow paint is formulated to endure for years in outdoor conditions, but applying a weather-resistant and non-yellowing sealer can help to increase its lifespan.

Mod Podge Outdoor Sealer and clear polyurethane sealers are widely used options for sealing painted rocks. It is crucial to choose a sealer that is suitable for outdoor use and does not yellow over time. This will help to keep your painted rocks looking their best and shield them from the weather.

What to do with Glow Rocks?

Now that you have painted rocks, what do you do with these glowing stones? They are perfect for displaying on shelves, in your garden to glow at night, use as a doorstop, or as a vase filler. If you run out of space in your own home or yard, check out the rocks group at Kindness Rocks Project. The goal is to have people decorate rocks and place them in locations for others to find as a random act of kindness. What a cool idea! These glow rocks are perfect to brighten up someone's day.

If painting your own rocks feels like a difficult task, you may want to consider purchasing glow rocks and stones from Techno Glow.

Rock Painting Ideas

Here is a gallery of photos for cool rock painting ideas including the popular dot painting on rocks, fairy door rocks, ladybug rocks, and more.

There are many popular ways to paint rocks. Add painted glow in the dark rocks to your flower beds, along your hiking trail or pathways, or even your driveway for a glowing night effect.

2nd Apr 2023 Techno Glow Products

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