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If you have ever wanted to take your motorcycle or bicycle to another level, you should think about purchasing some glow in the dark powder coating, which can be found right here. As great as it is in customizing vehicle parts, bicycles and motorcycles, glow in the dark powder coating also has many other uses, including safety on building and boat signs.This will add both style and safety wherever you apply it.

Our staff of experts at Techno Glow will will go over the benefits and figure out whether or not glow in the dark powder coating is good for your application. Consider the following when using glow in the dark powder coating:

  • Use a white, or light color as substrate primer (undercoating/background) for best results. Colors other than white diminish glow.
  • Avoide color or UV inhibitors in any clear coat you or it will decrease the brightness and duration of glow.
  • Thicker layers of Glow Powder will produce longer and brighter luminosity. The more powder coating or higher the percentage of pigment used in the coating, the brighter and longer the glow will last. However there is a limit in what you can buy commercially or that you should mix if attempting to pigment your own powder coat using our pigments. 
  • Using a black light at key points in your process will allow your to get an idea what your project will look like as you work on it.
12th Nov 2015 TGI

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