Blue Glow in the Dark & UV Powder <15 Microns Finest

0.50 Ounces
  • finest blue glow powder
  • small invisible blue glow in the dark powder
  • uv powder pigment glow
$6.00 - $180.00


Our blue 15 micron pigment is our finest, blue glow in the dark pigment. The consistency is that of a cake batter or flour. When pinched between your fingers it tends not to free fall like our 50 microns and higher pigments. It's color in daytime is white or what some call invisible.

Perfect to mix with inks, craft paints, or even use in various fabric applications, like silk screening and glow thread. It is primarily used for anything which requires a very thin, microscopic layer. They have been used on dials for a watches or compasses and also used for creating lustrous finishes, the kind typically seen on bike or motorcycle helmets. They provide a very thin, smooth, glow in the dark finish when applied in a single, even, coat (with airbrush).

The 15 micron powder is also available in green and aqua. 

Please note; the small micron size without encapsulation will quickly absorb water and dry out some water based mediums, making it clumpy and unusable. If you do mix this powder with an acrylic, then only mix enough for what you will use immediately. It mixes fine with most Createx products and can be stored as such.

1 Minute - 470 mcd/m2
10 Minutes - 60 mcd/m2
60 Minutes - 25 mcd/m2

Glow Pigment Documentation & Support


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Glow Color:
Day Color:
Glow Duration:
4-8 Hours
UV Reactive:
Particle Size:
15 Microns - Fine
Strontium Aluminate Europium Dysprosium
Temperature Resistance:
350°F or 176°C
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