Blue Thermochromic Pigment (25°C / 77°F)

  • Blue Thermochromic Pigment (25°C / 77°F)
  • Blue Thermochromic Pigment (25°C / 77°F)
  • Blue Thermochromic Pigment (25°C / 77°F)
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This powder is a very deep blue color in temperatures under 25°C / 77°F. It is very light and fluffy, mixing smoothly into just about any medium. It is not UV light sensitive like some of the other pigments and will really have no noticeable change under a black light. 

When the powder comes in direct contact with temperatures above 25°C / 77°F it will turn white, or what some would call "colorless". If you mix this pigment into a clear medium in a low enough ratio and apply it thin enough, its white or "colorless" state can actually appear transparent, which makes for very cool transitions!

A few cool uses we've found with it are:

  • Mix it with YELLOW paint. Blue and yellow together will make green. However, when it reaches temperatures warmer than 25°C / 77°F the paint will turn yellow!
  • Mix it with RED paint. Blue and red together will make purple. When it reaches the transition point the paint will turn red!
  • Use it to paint over a red base paint on an object that needs a heat indicator. When the temperature is warm enough the blue will disappear indicating the surface is now hot!
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Transition Temperature:
25°C / 77°F
Reactive To Human Touch:
Color ABOVE Transition Temperature:
Color BELOW Transition Temperature:
Micron Size:
0.01 Microns
Temperature Resistance:
200°C / 392°F
Water Soluble:
Solvent Resistant:
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