Glow Acrylic Paint


The #1 Interior, Exterior & Craft Glow. Acrylic by Techno Glow.

Glow in the Dark Acrylic
UV & Black Light Reactive

Brightest & Longest Glow
  Durable Indoor & Outdoor
Visible & Invisible Colors
Best Multi-Purpose Glow Paint


Aluminum - Concrete Walls - Composition Board - Canvas - Fabric - Paper - Rocks - Siding - Steel - Wood

Create the brightest art paintings and sculptures, walls, rocks, fences or ceiling murals with Techno Glow's Pro-Series phosphorescent paint! 90 Day refund return policy.



As with all other glow paints, it is recommended to apply more then one coat of paint. Additional coats will give a better more solid glow. For the ultimate glow you can apply up to 5 layers of glow paint. We do not see much of an improvement with additional layers. Dries to the touch under 2 hours. The first couple layers can be dried faster with a hairdryer. There after it is recommended to let it dry naturally. We have tested and compared our paint layer by layer with everything else on the market and we are proud to say that the Techno Glow Paint wins every time.

Brush or Roller

Apply with a brush or roller. Paint can be thinned with water or an extender if needed and for the use of a spray gun. Clean spills and spatters, hands and tools with soap and warm water. Not for spray guns or air airbrushing with fine nozzles.


Keep the paint lid or cap closed at all times. Our glow in the dark paint is highly concentrated and can dry out fast if not closed in a timely manner. We recommend that you put the original cap back on the bottle for storage. Do not allow the paint to freeze. The twist cap included for sizes up to 8 oz can be washed and stored as well.


Obtain and apply a primer appropriate to your application. A white primer will facilitate the highest glow, while a dark primer will reduce or absorb the luminosity. A primer is not always needed especially if you have a cured dry light colored clean surface. Three or more layers will start to cover up the background.


Techno Glow Paint & UV Laser Lights

Our glow in the dark paint not only glows in the dark, but also illuminate and reflect under a uv or black light. This video demonstrates how quickly the Techno Glow Paint can charge by uv laser pen light. A Techno Glow sponsored event at the House of Van's in London, UK.

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