Glow Powder Coarse Kit + UV Light

5.00 Ounces
Specialty Glow 150-500 Microns
  • Glow Powder Coarse Kit + UV Light
  • Glow Powder Coarse Kit + UV Light
  • Glow Powder Coarse Kit + UV Light
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This performance sample pack features our top three most popular glow in the dark colors in their largest available micron size. A larger micron size means a larger pigment particle which is capable of storing more light energy. Because it can store more energy it glows brighter and lasts longer than smaller micron sizes. These pigments do have a coarse texture and should not be used if you are applying them in a medium that will be thinly spread and requires a smooth finish. They will however work exceptionally well when mixed into more thickly applied mediums such as resin and epoxy.

Includes one sample bag each of the following three colors:

Green Glow in the Dark Sand, 500 Microns for Flooring & Cement Sealers
Blue Glow in the Dark & UV Sand <250 Microns
Aqua Glow in the Dark & UV Powder <150 Microns

A UV key chain is also included with each kit. It can quickly charge the strontium alumninate powder to glow in the dark instantly. This key chain light can also be used to draw glow trails.

Sample bags are available in 3 different sizes. Please select one of the three size options to add to cart.

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