Green Glow in the Dark Powder, #1 Choice Glow

Ultra Glow 50 Microns
#1 Choice Glow
  • green glow in the dark powder
  • green glow powder and uv laser lights
  • green photo luminescent powder pigment
  • strontium aluminate europium dysprosium powder pigment
  • brightest glow powder to even read a book


ULTRA GLOW Green Glow in the Dark Powder

The brightest and best glow powder for a medium particle size pigment!

Our 50 micron green glow in the dark powder is an ultra-premium glow in the dark pigment. After being exposed to artificial or sun light for just a few minutes it can emit a brilliant luminous glow for hours. If left to charge for an hour or more, it is easily capable of glowing all night long with an unparalleled intensity. The glow will still be seen by the human eye in a dark room after 24 hours. It will not lose it’s ability to hold and emit light energy for at least 20 years even outdoors. It is simply the best pigment available on our site, or any of our competitors.

Suitable for most applications. This bright phosphorescent powder will mix very well with resin and epoxy, indoor or outdoor paints, concrete and cement sealers, and most other transparent viscous mediums. It is the best choice for mixing with a clear powder paint or coating to powder coat objects. Great for marking walkways, stairways, and other low visibility safety applications that requires a long glow even with low light exposure. It can even be used for some airbrush applications, though it requires a larger nozzle with higher pressure then that of an airbrush compressor.


Immediate: 93,000 mcd/m2
1 Minute: 6,000 mcd/m2
10 Minutes: 940 mcd/m2
60 Minutes: 207 mcd/m2

Ultra Glow propriety Strontium Aluminate, Europium & Dysprosium formula.

Glow in the Dark Documentation

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Warranty Information

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Glow Color:
Day Color:
Glow Duration:
Over 12 Hours
UV Reactive:
Particle Size:
50 Microns - Medium
Strontium Aluminate Europium Dysprosium
Temperature Resistance:
1100°F or 600°C
Ultra Glow
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