Green Glow in the Dark & UV Powder <100 Microns

0.50 Ounces
  • Glow in the dark powder glass.
  • Glow in the dark glass pigment.
  • Ultra green glow in the dark powder.
$6.00 - $180.00


This 100 microns green pigment is a great choice for anyone that wants a more intense glow that last all night long. It is a more coarse pigment, almost like a fine sand. It is a light-green color in normal daylight.

Ideal for acrylic paints, resins, and application you don’t need a smooth finish for. Apply with brush or roller. Great for creating an anti-skid surface for walkways, skateboards, surfboards, paddleboards, boats, stair traction. Very popular to use with concrete or cement face coats, top coats, clear sealer or even grout. In some cases you might have a speckled appearance, but the glow is much more intense and glows brighter than our smaller particle sizes.

This pigment also has the highest temperature resistance of all glow in the dark pigments, making it a popular choice for mixing with glass. It can be used with lampworking, fusing and glassblowing.

We also have this available in aqua and a size bigger, the 150 microns.

Please note; if your project requires a smooth finish and cannot have any sort of texture we do not recommend this micron size.

1 Minute - 4525 mcd/m2
10 Minutes - 719 mcd/m2
60 Minutes - 135 mcd/m2

Glow Pigment Documentation & Support

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Product Specifications

Glow Color:
Day Color:
Glow Duration:
Over 12 Hours
UV Reactive:
Particle Size:
Over 85 Microns
Strontium Aluminate Europium Dysprosium
Temperature Resistance:
2000°F or 1100°C
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Warranty Information

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