Green Glow in the Dark & UV Powder <50 Microns Waterproof

0.50 Ounces
Ultra Glow
  • brightest waterproof green glow in the dark powder
  • encapsulated photo luminescent green glow powder pigment
  • waterproof strontium aluminate europium dysprosium glow pigment powder invisible green
$6.00 - $180.00


Green Night Glow Waterproof Pigment

  • Off white daytime and green nighttime
  • 50 micron is perfect for most uses
  • Glows for over 12 hours
  • Mixes well with paint, resin and epoxy
  • Will last 20 to 30 years
  • Does not contain formaldehyde


Premium 50 micron encapsulated pigment is the waterproof counterpart of our popular 50 micron non-encapsulated. It has the consistency of a fine sand and mixes smooth with virtually any medium.

Use this pigment in mediums with high water concentrations like acrylic paint. The encapsulated formula makes it impervious to absorbing liquid and drying out the medium. Encapsulated pigments may also prove beneficial for mediums which need a longer time to dry once applied.

Most applications for encapsulated pigment will also work with the non-encapsulated. Encapsulation is best if one is mixing and storing mediums for prolonged periods of time.

The non-encapsulated does glow stronger than the encapsulated as it does not have a silica coating.

Ultra Glow propriety Strontium Aluminate, Europium & Dysprosium formula

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Glow Color:
Day Color:
Glow Duration:
Over 12 Hours
UV Reactive:
Particle Size:
50 Microns - Medium
Strontium Aluminate Europium Dysprosium
Temperature Resistance:
1100°F or 600°C
Ultra Glow
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