Glow in the Dark 5K & Glow in the Dark Volleyball Game

Are you ready to kick your booty into shape while having fun? We know that the summer months ahead are going to be a blast! If you’re starting to get ready for that beach bod you’ve been wanting, check out how we can make it even more fun for you! There are many different 5K night races that are nationwide. Why not make that 5K night run even more memorable and be the center of attention while running ultra fast? With our glow in the dark pigments we know that you’ll be able to stay bright all night long and glow wherever you go! Our glow in the dark pigment can be applied on your t-shirt, shorts, or shoes and has the ability to last longer than 10 hours. You’ll be glowing all night long while running faster than ever. Color your body with glow in the dark pigments that will show off your colorful spirit.

Don’t worry, if you aren’t a runner, we’ve got more ideas for you! Another activity that could cause you to have the time of your life this summer is by throwing a glow in the dark Volleyball game! Our glow in the dark pigments can be used at parties and nightly BBQs so you can have a night to remember. By throwing a fun glow in the dark volleyball game we know you and your friends will have a blast. With these simple steps you’ll be able to accomplish a level of fun you didn’t know existed:

Collect the products you need to get the job done:

    • Paper Towels
    • Scissors
    • Disposable cup
    • Glow in the Dark Paint
    • Heavy gauge needle syringe or wide artist brush
    • Kids Ball

  1. Squeeze Glow Paint into disposable cup.
  2. Use the syringe or brush to draw up the Glow Paint.
  3. Finish putting all the paint you want onto the kids ball.  
  4. Once the paint on your ball is dry, you are ready for the first serve!

Whatever your choice of fun is, we recommend spicing it up with a little bit of glow. Check out all of the great glow products we have here at Techno Glow to get started planning your race or party of a lifetime. 

22nd Mar 2014 Techno Glow Products

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