Glow in the Dark Powder Pigment

Glow in the Dark Powder Pigment

Glow in the Dark powders have numerous uses, really too many to count, and increasing almost daily. Techno Glow specializes in providing both premium and economical performance ultraviolet and photo luminescent products in America and throughout the world since 2011. Glow in the dark powder or photo luminescent glow pigment essentially is the raw material that is used to construct all glow in the dark products. You can charge and re-charge glow in the dark powder many thousand times without degradation by exposing it to virtually any light source ... direct sunlight, high output interior lighting, UV and black lights. It has a shelf life of more than 10-20 years, and, in some cases, it can glow for as much as 40 hours.

Luminescent glow powder is frequently used in the production of glow in the dark paint, plastic masterbatch pellets, luminous thread and fibre, luminous stickers, glow resin and epoxies and much more. Premium natural powders are extremely versatile indoor and outdoors. Glow in the dark onstruction surfaces such as cement floor sealers and top coatings are very popular throughout the world in 2018. Natural glow powders can be used outdoors with no fading for 10 - 20 plus years.

Our motto at Techno Glow is simple: “Illuminate Your Life” and "Brighter is Better". We always have the newest and brightest products that will allow you to do just that. There really are no limits to what you are able to construct with glow in the dark powder. What’s more, no matter where you live, we offer fast shipping with the ability to deliver to you domestically in the US or globally. Our shipping prices are 90% of the time exactly the same or less what it cost us to ship packages.


20th May 2018 Techno Glow Products

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