Skin and Hair Application and Glow Parties

Glow Parties can be great fun ... both to plan and to attend. Many people have used our pigments for parties because they are bright either under UV/black light or glowing after being charged in sunlight or a wide variety of interior lighting.

Our glow in the dark pigments are composed of Strontium Aluminate that is activated by with Europium & Dysprosium.These are non-toxic and not hazardous.They can be added to a wide variety of paint mediums ... clear ones are best.

We have not observed adverse reactions when people come in contact with the pigments. However, the pigments are not food grade and are not recommended for ingestion or direct skin or hair applications other than what is approved by the FDA.

You can do some very creative things by mixing pigments with fabric paint and painting t-shirts, caps, jeans, bandanas, scarfs, hair braids, etc.Many of the fabric paints require heat curing to set permanently.We have seen that if you apply the fabric paint mixture, but don't cure it, it will pretty much completely disappear in a couple times through the wash.Clear acrylic latex mixed with pigment can be applied to tennis shoes, belts, necklaces, rings, bracelets.And there are many more things that can be accessorized with glow in the dark paints/pigments ... lampshades, vases, party decorations, shower curtains, etc.Let your imagination run wild.There is also the old standby of walls and ceilings, but that may be a bit much for a party.

Note:Techno Glow Inc. makes no representation about the performance, fitness for use, or safety in any of the uses mentioned above.The end user assumes all responsibility for exercising care and for the outcomes of their specific uses.

1st Mar 2014 Techno Glow Products

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