Orange Glow in the Dark & UV Powder - Zinc Sulfide

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Specialty Glow 35 Microns
  • orange zinc sulfide glow powder
  • luminescent zinc sulfide orange
  • invisible uv powder glow in the dark pigment
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The first generation of glow pigment zinc sulfide has been widely used for many decades from making glow in the dark toys, novelties, body paint, soaps etc. It has a quick charge under any UV light source and glows for just under an hour. It can be recharged to glow 1,000's of times over 10 years. The daylight color of this powder is a beige with a beautiful orange color glow in the dark and under a black light.

If you are looking for a good glow of over an hour then this is not for you. We offer many strontium aluminate products that is the latest generation of glow pigment for extruding, paints, resins, epoxies etc that glows in the dark for up to 40 hours. 

1 Minute - 226 mcd/m2
10 Minutes - 16 mcd/m2
60 Minutes - 0 mcd/m2

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Use with Cosmetics:

Luminescent zinc sulfide activated with copper (copper chloride) is the only type glow pigment that is approved by the FDA as a color additive for limited use in certain cosmetics and body paints. The FDA has stringent and limited rules for cosmetics, so please familiarize yourself with the information on their website or by calling the FDA directly. Below we have a summary for you on the basic rules set by the FDA. Please note the information can change anytime and might not always be up to date on our website. 

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations
e-CFR data is current as of May 11, 2018

Title 21 → Chapter I → Subchapter A → Part 73 → Subpart C → §73.2995

Title 21: Food and Drugs
Subpart C—Cosmetics

§73.2995 Luminescent zinc sulfide.

(a) Identity. The color additive luminescent zinc sulfide is zinc sulfide containing a copper activator. Following excitation by daylight or a suitable artificial light, luminescent zinc sulfide produces a yellow-green phosphorescence with a maximum at 530 nanometers.

(b) Specifications. Luminescent zinc sulfide shall conform to the following specifications and shall be free from impurities other than those named to the extent that such impurities may be avoided by good manufacturing practice:

Zinc sulfide, not less than 99.8 percent.

Copper, 100±5 parts per million.

Lead, not more than 20 parts per million.

Arsenic, not more than 3 parts per million.

Mercury, not more than 1 part per million.

Cadmium, not more than 15 parts per million.

(c) Uses and restrictions. The color additive luminescent zinc sulfide may be safely used for coloring externally applied facial makeup preparations and nail polish included under §720.4(c)(7)(ix) and (c)(8)(v) of this chapter, respectively, to the following restrictions:

(1) The amount of luminescent zinc sulfide in facial makeup preparations shall not exceed 10 percent by weight of the final product.

(2) Facial makeup preparations containing luminescent zinc sulfide are intended for use only on limited, infrequent occasions, e.g., Halloween, and not for regular or daily use.

(d) Labeling requirements. (1) The label of the color additive and any mixtures prepared therefrom shall bear expiration dates for the sealed and open container (established through generally accepted stability testing methods), other information required by §70.25 of this chapter, and adequate directions to prepare a final product complying with the limitations prescribed in paragraph (c) of this section.

(2) The label of a facial makeup preparation containing the color additive shall bear, in addition to other information required by the law, the following statement conspicuously displayed:

Do not use in the area of the eye.

(e) Exemption from certification. Certification of this color additive is not necessary for the protection of the public health, and therefore batches thereof are exempt from the certification requirements of section 721(c) of the act.

[65 FR 48377, Aug. 8, 2000; 65 FR 75158, Dec. 1, 2000]

FDA Link: Color Additives Permitted for Use in Cosmetics

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Glow Color:
Day Color:
Glow Duration:
1-4 Hours
UV Reactive:
Particle Size:
35 Microns - Small
Zinc Sulfide
Temperature Resistance:
350°F or 176°C
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