Use Glow in the Dark Powder Coating for Glow Water Bottles

Are you a runner who is looking into runs that occur at night time? If you are and you want to shine bright while you take a night run, we suggest getting our glow in the dark powder coating and/or glow in the dark powder to add a little color to your life, and everyone’s around you! Different 5K runs at night are becoming a definite phenomenon throughout the nation. We believe it is the new thing to fit in with the crowd. When you and a few friends get together to glow all night long while running your tails off, we know everyone will be asking where you got all of your glow products from!

To help you glow with running power that cannot be beat, we suggest you buy one of our glow in the dark powders to make you glow all night long! If you aren’t a big runner but want to do a colorful race just for the fun of it, keep us in mind to help you get as colorful as you can for your race day! Better yet, if you don’t want to get messy with glow powder products, you could always make your race day gear such as your water bottle and shoes glow in the dark with our glow in the dark powder coating products. We have an awesome bright green powder coating that we know anyone would love to put on their water bottle! Not only will it keep you hip, but it’ll allow other people and traffic to see where you are at to help keep you safe and illuminated. Visit us online now to take a look at our sweet glow in the dark powder coating.

3rd May 2014

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